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"Students often do not see the point in solving formulas for a particular variable when there are no values given.

"This activity reinforces the relationship between the solution to a system of equations and the intersection of their corresponding graphs.

"Description: The main purpose of this lab is to understand work rates and how working together affects the time it takes to complete a large task.
"The purpose of this activity is for students to explore the use of rational equations to solve practical problems.
This project is excellent when you have completed the chapter on lines. It has students create their own data and graph it and then choose a reasonable line, which represents their data.
A unit on linear modeling using tables, equations, and graphs to explore different contexts (bike rentals, fuel consumption). A homework assignment is included at the end of the unit.
Finding the intercepts of a linear model graph.
Completing the square is applied to the general quadratic to derive the quadratic formula.