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MAA Math Alert - January 2008

News and Views

At the Carriage House: Art Benjamin and Mathematics to D.I.E. for (with audio)
Widely regarded as one of the finest mathematical expositors around, Harvey Mudd College Professor Art Benjamin brought his entertaining and energetic presentation technique to the MAA’s Carriage House on Saturday, January 12, 2008 to talk about Combinatorial Trigonometry and a method known as D.I.E.

Prizes and Awards Presented in San Diego
See who won with the MAA, AMS, and Joint awards from the Joint Mathematics Meetings in San Diego earlier this month. Read More

Square Dancing Takes a Mathematical Spin
"It's math in motion — you're walking through mathematics and would have no idea you're working with concepts that most college math majors don't study until their fourth year," observed mathematician David Schmitz of North Central College about square dancing. Read More

Jobs in Computer and Mathematical Sciences to Grow Fastest of All Professions
The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates the number of mathematical and computing-related jobs will increase the most among all the "professional and related occupations" over the next 10 years. Read More

Featured Articles

Launchings by David Bressoud: A Radical Approach to a First Course in Calculus
The re-evaluation of Calculus at Bressoud’s Macalester College began about six years ago with the realization that the traditional sequence of Calculus I and II was not meeting the needs of its students, and the results have been positive. Read More

Devlin's Angle by Keith Devlin: American Mathematics in a Flat World
If you think this column will be about E. A. Abbott's classic novella, think twice. The flat world Devlin is speaking of is the one Thomas Friedman wrote about in his bestselling book The World is Flat. Read More

Discover Announces their Top 100 Science Stories of 2007
Four developments in mathematics that occurred in 2007 have made Discover magazine’s 100 top science stories for the year. Read More

Cryptographer Uncovers Potential Weakness in Encryption Algorithms
A single innocent or intentional bug in a computer’s processing chip could lead to a huge security disaster. Read More

New From the MAA

Is Mathematics Inevitable?
Without question, the collection of entertaining mathematical stories in Is Mathematics Inevitable? is sure to have something for every fan of the subject. Each of these tales is just as fun and thought provoking as when they were originally published.Read More

Number Theory Through Inquiry
An innovative textbook designed to help students learn introductory number theory through guided activities and sets of exercises. The book's carefully arranged sequences of challenges allow students to examine methods and discover ideas on their own. Read More

Mathematical Study Tour to Peru
Explore Peru, its mathematics, cultural heritage, and scenic wonders! Read More

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January, 2008