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Mailing List Requests

AMC collects and sells names and addresses of students and schools participating in AMC contests on an opt-in basis. We then provide lists allowing contact with high-school age students.  MAA/AMC policy allows the sale of participating student and school names and addresses to interested institutions and organizations on a case-by-case basis and evaluates each request individually.  We provide legitimate educational institutions of all levels and professionals with selected student names and addresses for one-time use, generally for educational, professional or career information. 

List Delivery and Format

Mailing lists are generated from our database of schools and students who have given permission.  These lists are delivered via email in Excel (CSV) format.  They contain the following data:  

  • AMC 8: Name of contest manager, school name, street address, city, state, postal code and country
  • AMC 10/12, AIME, USAMO/USAJMO: Name of contest manager/student, school name, street address, city, state, postal code, country, score on contest, gender, birth date

List Pricing

Each mailing list will be charged by the following rates below:

  • AMC 8, AMC 10/12, AIME: approximately $.25 per name
  • USAMO/USAJMO: approximately $1.00 per name

The following lists will be available for purchase this year:

  • AMC 8 School List: $325.00 (1391 Schools)
  • AMC 10/12 School List: $625.00 (2602 Schools)
  • AMC 10/12 Full List: $15,000.00 (61008 Names)
  • AMC 10/12 Decile Lists: $1,500.00 Each (6101 Names Each)
  • AIME Mailing List: $700 Each (2926 Names Each)
  • USAMO/USAJMO Mailing List: $300 Each (357 Names Each)

To Get Started:

Before fulfilling the mailing list request, we will need a sample of the marketing material or communication that will be sent. Please send your completed AMC Mailing List Agreement and Order Form and a PDF of your mailing sample in an email to with the subject: AMC Mailing List Request. We will evaluate your request, then send you an invoice as appropriate. Mailing lists will arrive by email upon receipt of your payment.

Please note: Mailing lists will not be available until at least 3 weeks after each contest.