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Gale, Shapley, and Roth Win Golden Goose Award

Back in September, David Gale, Lloyd Shapley, and Alvin Roth were among the winners of the 2013 Golden Goose Award, which honors odd-sounding federally funded research that has turned out to have a significant impact on society.

The trio garnered the prize for their work on theoretical algorithms about marriage stability and moneyless markets, work that has found application in the national kidney exchange and school choice programs in urban school systems.

Watch the video (0:30 to 3:00 to deals with Shapley, Lloyd, and Roth's work) on the award's webpage or, if you haven't already, read Gale and Shapley's 1962 American Mathematical Monthly classic "College Admissions and the Stability of Marriage."

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Monday, January 20, 2014