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Undergraduate Student Poster Session

2009 MAA Undergraduate Poster Session Prize Winners

  • #5. A Math Classic: The Tale of Three Links

    Author(s): Samuel Jacob, Behrend Denison University
    Advisor(s): Dr. Lew Ludwig, Denison University
  • #8. Predicting Viscoelastic Properties of the Arterial Wall

    Author(s): Kasey Crompton University of South Carolina - Columbia
    Andrew Davis, Clarkson University
    Satoru Ito, North Carolina State University
    Gregory Morton, Morehouse College
    Amanda Olsen, LaGrange College
    Advisor(s): Dr. Mette Olufsen, Daniela Valdez-Jasso, Associate Professor of Mathematics of North Carolina State University, Biomathematics Doctoral Student of North Carolina State University
  • #13. On Possible and Probable Triangles in a 2-Edge-Colored Complete Graph

    Author(s): Rebecca Ruth Payne, Pomona College
    Advisor(s): Ami Radunskaya, Pomona College
  • #14. On Metric Trees and n-Widths

    Author(s): Kyle E. Kinneberg, Claremont McKenna College
    Advisor(s): Asuman Aksoy, Claremont McKenna College
  • #36. Multilievel and Multidimensional Hadamard Matrices

    Author(s): Bryce Lee, Olin College
    Caity Greeley, Olin College
    Matthew Crawford, Olin College
    Advisor(s): Dr. Sarah Spence Adams, Olin College
  • #49. Wilf Equivalence in the Generalized Factor Order

    Author(s): Daniel G. Glasscock, Rice University
    Min Xu, University of California, Berkeley
    Advisor(s): Dr. Brian Miceli, Trinity University
  • #51. Modeling Blood Flow in Time Dependence

    Author(s): Bryant M. Watkins, University of Maryland Baltimore County
    Bo Xu, Columbia University
    Dezhi, Xu Wabash College
    Advisor(s): Chad Westphal, Wabash College
  • #58. On factorization properties of B(Z,S)

    Author(s): Yiwei She, Northwestern University
    Ryan Rodriguez, Texas A&M
    Advisor(s): Scott Chapman, Trinity University
  • #59. Zero-Divisor Graph Associated to a Semigroup

    Author(s): Jonathan Peiyu Wang, Harvard University
    Advisor(s): Lisa DeMeyer, Central Michigan University
  • #61. Obstacle Numbers of Graphs

    Author(s): Hannah Alpert, University of Chicago
    Christina Koch, St. Olaf College
    Advisor(s): Joshua D. Laison, Willamette University
  • #74. The Brain and Mathematical Modeling: Influence of Neuronal Geometry on its Repetitive Firing

    Author(s): Harold L. Gomes, Queens College-CUNY
    Advisor(s): Dr. Joshua C. Brumberg (Advisor & PI), Queens College, & The Graduate Center, CUNY
    Dr. Nicholas T. Carnevale, Yale School of Medicine, Yale University
  • #75. Application of a Coupled Oscillator Model to Sea Lamprey Locomotion

    Author(s): Natalie Elizabeth Sheils, Seattle University / Penn State Erie
    Advisor(s): Joseph Previte, Penn State Erie
  • #77. Algebraic Methods for Phylogenetic Inference

    Author(s): Andrew Howard, Sam Houston State University
    Alexander Diaz, Sam Houston State University
    Advisor(s): Luis Garcia, Frank Sottile, Sam Houston State Univerity, Texas A&M University
  • #84. The Development of Mathematica Software Tools for the Analysis of Differential Equation Systems

    Author(s): Amy D. Schmidt University of Minnesota, Duluth
    Advisor(s): Harlan W. Stech, University of Minnesota, Duluth
  • #92. Controlling the Motion of Charged Particles in a Vacuum Electromagnetic Field from Boundary

    Author(s): Luis R Suazo, University of Central Arkansas
    Advisor(s): Weijiu Liu, University of Central Arkansas
  • #98. Geometric Methods in Voting and Agreement

    Author(s): Michael Abrahams, Vassar College
    Meg Lippincott, Vassar College
    Advisor(s): Thierry Zell, Vassar College
  • #100. The Effects of Maternal Age on the Prevalence of Autism

    Author(s): Melissa Ann Bilbao, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
    Advisor(s): Baojun Song, Montclair State University
    Xiaohong Wang, Arizona State University
  • #101. The Algebraic Compatibility of Riemannian Operators' Voice-Leading Properties

    Author(s): Maxx H. Cho, Swarthmore College
    Advisor(s): Samuel R. Kaplan, University of North Carolina at Asheville
  • #103. Intrinsically triple-linked graphs in RP3

    Author(s): Emily R. Stark, Pomona College
    Kristin McNamara, James Madison University
    Advisor(s): Joel Foisy, SUNY Potsdam
  • #106. Variational symmetries and local conservation laws in general relativity

    Author(s): Olabode M. Sule, University of Central Arkansas
    Advisor(s): Balraj Menon, University of Central Arkansas
  • #116. Tiling 4Ã?n Rectangles with Tetrominoes

    Author(s): Mindy M. Swancott, Houghton College
    April Bowers, Houghton College
    Advisor(s): Kristin Camenga, Houghton College
  • #125. Properties and Topologies Created by Applying Linear Lebesgue Measure to Plane Sets with Concentric Circles

    Author(s): Charles A. McEachern, St Olaf College
    Advisor(s): Paul Humke and Wladislaw Wilczynski, St Olaf College and Lodz University, Poland
  • #135. Extensions and Deformations of Associative Algebras

    Author(s): Mitch Phillipson, University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire
    Advisor(s): Michael Penkava, University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire
  • #140. Calculating class numbers of ray class extensions over imaginary quadratic fields

    Author(s): Ila Varma, California Institute of Technology
    Advisor(s): Matthias Flach, California Institute of Technology
  • #147. A Sinkhorn-Knopp Fixed Point Problem: A Matrix and its Doubly Stochastic Equivalent

    Author(s): William B. Cousins, Pepperdine University
    Advisor(s): David Strong, Pepperdine University
  • #150. Exploring Gassmann Triples

    Author(s): Michael Robert DiPasquale, Wheaton College
    Advisor(s): Robert Perlis, Louisiana State University
  • #152. r-Reduced and Vertex Attrition of Multipartite Graphs

    Author(s): Joshua M. Crunkleton, North Georgia College & State University
    Dusti Amber Nisbet, North Georgia College & State University
    Advisor(s): Brad Bailey, North Georgia College & State University
  • #185. An Improved Bound on When Delta Sets of Numerical Monoids Become Periodic

    Author(s): Anton S. Malyshev, Princeton University
    Advisor(s): Scott Chapman, Sam Houston State University
  • #189. Integral Formulas and Linking Numbers

    Author(s): Stefan Sabo, University of Pennsylvania
    Advisor(s): Dr. Dennis DeTurck, University of Pennsylvania
  • #201. A Combinatorial Proof of the Characteristic Polynomial Roots Solution for a kth Order Linear Homogeneous Recurrence Relation

    Author(s): Halcyon C. Derks, Kalamazoo College
    Advisor(s): Michele Intermont, Kalamazoo College
  • #208. Your Paths are Determined! Motzkin Numbers in Hankel Determinants

    Author(s): Andrew C. M. Yip, Lewis and Clark College
    Advisor(s): Naiomi Cameron, Lewis and Clark College
  • #213. Thin Film Evolution over The Porous Layers

    Author(s): Kumnit Nong, George Mason University
    Advisor(s): Dr. Daniel M. Anderson, George Mason University
  • #214. KlustaKwik and Semi-Automatic Spike Sorting

    Author(s): Gina-Maria Pomann, The College of New Jersey (Research conducted at Princeton University)
    Advisor(s): Dr. Carlos Brody and Dr. Jeff Erlich, Princeton University