The Journal of Online Mathematics and Its Applications

Constructing Mathlets Quickly using LiveGraphics3D

Jonathan Rogness and Martin Krauss

Please note: this page is intended as a "proof of concept" demonstration that the input for LiveGraphics3D can be generated using JavaScript, not a robust application for use by the general public. You must use correct JavaScript names for any mathematical functions, i.e. Math.cos(t) instead of cos(t). The first button will attempt to graph the surface within the applet on the left; if this fails, use the second button to graph the surface in a second window. For more details, or to see how the input is generated, view the source code of this web page.

Enter parametric equations for x, y and z:




s-range: to

t-range: to

Mesh Size for s: Mesh Size for t:

Wire Mesh:

If the above button fails, try: