Answers to Comprehension Quiz for
Summary of Search Engine Methods, Pages *** through ***
  1. Boolean, vector space, probabilistic, and meta-search models.

  2. By performance measures such as precision and recall, in addition to common computer system performance measures such as speed and storage.

  3. The World Wide Web is the world's largest document collection. It is also linked, whereas traditional document collections are not. The data on the Web are self-organized, meaning that any web page author can create a page and link to any other page(s). As a result, the data are heterogeneous, often redundant and incorrect, with broken links and no editorial review process. The documents on the Web are also dynamic -- that is, they may change often.

  4. False. A basic Boolean search engine cannot return a ranked list of retrieved documents.

  5. A search engine user's collection of keywords or phrases to be searched for is called a query.

  6. Notebook computer and laptop are synonymous words.

  7. Polysems of light are illumination and weightless.