Using FermatsPond

Like other applets in the Lite Applet Collection this applet may be used without restriction. All the necessary files and instructions are included here. This applet is written to give you the ability to change some of its features without knowing Java. Some of the variations are listed below. You should experiment a bit with these five variations to see how this applet can be customized for different uses.

Now click here to open a new window showing Fermat's Pond with all its features turned on. Next choose   View --> Source   from your browser menu. You should see the html code shown below as part of the html code for the page you just opened in the new window. This is the code that includes the Fermat's Pond Java applet in a Web page.

If you want to use this applet as is in your own Web page all you need to do is three things.

Like other applets in the Lite Applet collection, the behavior of FermatsPond can be changed without knowing Java. You can substitute a different image for the fisherman; you change the size of the applet; you can limit how students can use the applet; and you can simplify it.