Steps for Using the Spin Button

Here are the steps for creating an Excel spreadsheet with the Spin Button:

  1. Create a table of lot fraction defective values and the probabilities Pa of acceptance. The probabilities of acceptance are computed with Excel's built-in Binomial or Hypergeometric function.
  2. Use the chart feature to draw the OC curves.
  3. Select VIEW TOOLBARS CONTROL TOOLBOX. Left-click the design mode.
  4. Select the Spin Button . The cursor becomes a "+". Move the "+" to the desired position, and left-click the spreadsheet. Drag the box to the desired size, and the Spin Button will appear.
  5. Left click PROPERTIES. Then select MIN and MAX for N. For the LINKEDCELL, type in the cell reference that the SPINBUTTON is linked to. For the following chart, the cell reference for the Spin Button of N is B2. Then exit the PROPERTIES mode.
  6. Repeat steps 3 to 5 for n and c.
  7. Left-click the design mode to exit the design mode. Then exit CONTROL TOOLBOX.