Adding a Curve in Image_and_Cursor

This tutorial works with the same folder that you downloaded in the first tutorial. If for some reason you do not have this folder click here to download the folder Image_and_Cursor_All in the form of a zip file (248 KB). Then unzip it (this may happen automatically) and place the folder in a convenient place. Your work in this tutorial must take place within this folder.

Begin by opening a new browser window and in the new browser window open the file curve_template.html. You should see a picture of a water fountain. It may take a few minutes to appear. In the unlikely event that this does not work, open the file curve_template_alt.html.

Notice that there is a red curve superimposed on the picture of the water fountain. There are many situations in which you or a student might want to add such a curve to an image. To see how this is done choose Source from the View menu. Look for the lines below.

The six lines highlighted in red specify the curve to be added.

As a quick exercise, change the color of the curve to blue. Note that blue must be specified as "000000255". Try a few other colors.

This applet is much more powerful and flexible than we have seen so far. Subsequent tutorials show how to use some of its additional features and the User's Manual (1.1 MB) describes all of its features.

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