The Lite Applet Collection

The Lite Applet Collection is built around the idea of reusability. As professional mathematicians we build on each others' work. As professional curriculum developers and teachers we should do no less. Our goal in education, as in science, is to move forward rather than to continually reinvent the same wheels. See A Primer on Reuse by Mark Chung and Chris DiGiano in Volume 2 of JOMA.

There are a number of ways in which we make the Lite Applets and the curriculum modules in this collection suitable for reuse.

Each of the Lite Applets in this collection has several different sample modules. As a first step, you should look at each of these modules. You may want to use some of them as they are. In any case, they will suggest the range of ways in which these Lite Applets can be used. The real point of the Lite Applet Collection is that you can use these applets to build your own curriculum resources. Everything here is open source. You are encouraged to use these modules and these applets, either as they are or with modifications. You are also encouraged to submit the modules you write for inclusion in the Lite Applet Collection for others' use. The links below provide access to all the files and documentation needed to create your own modules.

Comments should be sent to Frank Wattenberg.


These tutorials are designed for someone who has written some Web pages using one of the standard programs, such as Dreamweaver or Front Page, or in raw HTML. You should know a little bit about including images and the basics of file management on your computer. These tutorials use the Image_and_Cursor Lite Applet, but the same ideas can be used with the other Lite Applets. The Lite Applet Collection below has all the necessary files including documentation for each of the Lite Applets. We expect to add new Lite Applets and new modules to this collection as they are developed.

The Lite Applets

Image_and_Cursor Screenshot

Image_and_Cursor -- This applet is designed for use in modules in which students use information obtained from maps or other images.

Parameter_Plane Screenshot

Parameter_Plane -- This applet is designed for use in studying functions that depend on two related parameters. The functions may be defined by mathematical expressions or by initial value problems.

Eigenvalue Screenshot

*** Work in Progress ***

Eigenvalue -- This applet is designed for use by students studying linear transformations, linear systems of equations, eigenvalues, and eigenvectors in two dimensions. It uses Swing, so if you are using a Windows OS, you may need to install a recent version of the Java JVM. Instructions are provided.