About the Module and the Authors

This module is based on sections 5.2 and 5.3 of Calculus: Modeling and Application, by D. A. Smith and L. C. Moore, D. C. Heath and Co., 1996, and on a related laboratory project published in several accompanying lab manuals. Coauthors of the lab manuals include Bill Barker (Mathematica), Dick Schori (Maple), Phil Lestmann (Derive), Lewis Blake (HP calculators), and Sam Morris (TI calculators).

Our data from the Centers for Disease Control for Hong Kong flu in New York City were quoted in "Mathematical Models for the Urban-Suburban Spread of Disease," by Geoffrey M. Davis, a paper submitted for Graduation with Distinction from Duke University, 1988.

Our sections on contact number and herd immunity are based in part on a preliminary version of Calculus Using Mathematica by K. D. Stroyan, Academic Press, 1994, and in part on "Herd Immunity," a student project handout by A. L. Miller and K. D. Stroyan.

David Smith and Lawrence (Lang) Moore are Associate Professors Emeriti at Duke University. They can be reached at das@math.duke.edu and lang@math.duke.edu, respectively. Smith is also the Editor of this journal, and Moore is Executive Editor of MathDL. To avoid conflict of interest, the reviews of this module and the decision to publish it were in the hands of Associate Editor Jerry Porter.

The following individuals contributed to various versions of the downloadable computer algebra files.

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