About the Module and the Authors

This module has been adapted in part from Walter J. Meyer, “Falling Raindrops,” pp. 101–111, in Applications of Calculus, edited by Phillip Straffin, MAA Notes No. 29, 1993.

The earliest version of this module was a laboratory project developed as part of Project CALC: Calculus As a Laboratory Course, an award-winning curriculum development project funded by the National Science Foundation NSF). It was subsequently redesigned and rewritten as a free-standing module for the Connected Curriculum Project (CCP), also funded by NSF. An article about CCP by the same authors appeared in Volume 1 of JOMA.

David Smith and Lawrence (Lang) Moore are Associate Professors Emeriti at Duke University. They can be reached at das@math.duke.edu and lang@math.duke.edu, respectively. Smith is also the Editor of this journal, and Moore is Executive Editor of MathDL. To avoid conflict of interest, the reviews of this module and the decision to publish it were in the hands of Associate Editor Jerry Porter.

The following individuals contributed to various versions of the downloadable computer algebra files.

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