A complete mirascope with focus identified

Directions: On this dynamic webpage, the focus of the mirascope is identifed using the method discussed in the article. Please align the two parabolas in various ways by changing the c value and explore its effect on the position of the image.

  1. To hide any object you find confusing, please right click on it and toggle "Show Object".
  2. To see how the mirascope is constructed, right-click on the applet and check Navigation Bar. Using the control buttons, you could go through the whole process step by step.
  3. Drag point P to draw a shape.
  4. To turn on the Trace feature for a moving object, please right click on it and toggle "Trace On".
  5. To remove all traces, go to "View→Refresh Views". Alternatively, you could press "Ctrl+F" in Windows or the corresponding key combination in your operating system.
  6. To save the construction as a GeoGebra file or re-export it as a dynamic webpage, please visit www.GeoGebraTube.org and search for item 120221.

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