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To continue playing Google-opoly, you need more game boards. You will find a new board in Figure 5, which is a slight variation from the previous game boards. Later, you may want to create your own boards either by hand or after writing your own computer code. If you do, you will first need to decide if you want to use a standard six-sided die as we have in our games so far. Alternatively, you may choose to use dice with more than six sides, design a spinner, or, in the case of computer programming, use a random number generator.

With a standard die, six web pages in the network works well as having more or fewer web pages can make it more difficult to adjust the rules in Table 1. Further, you will want web pages to have 0, 1, 2 or 3 links as 4 or 5 links are again difficult to correspond to the results of the roll of a die.

If you use a die or spinner that selects a number from 1 to n, then the ideas developed for six-sided dice can be generalized allowing Google-opoly to be played with a large number of pages. With these principles in mind, you'll soon be creating Google-opoly boards yourself! For now, you can enjoy the boards in the applet below.

Figure 5. Several Google-opoly game boards with the option to teleport.

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