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Science Communication in the World: Practices, Theories and Trends

Bernard Schiele, Michel Claessens and Shunke Shi, editors
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PART 1: National Overviews


1. The ‘Communicative Turn’ in Contemporary Techno-Science: Latin American Approaches and Global Tendencies


2. The Evolution of Science Communication Research on Australia


3. The Development of Science Communication Studies in Canada


4. Science Popularization Studies in China


5. Policy Perspective on Science Popularization in China


6. Deliberation, Dialogue or Dissemination: Changing Objectives in the Communication of Science and Technology in Denmark


7. Social Sciences and the Communication of Science and Technology in France: Implications, Experimentation and Critique


8. The Recent Public Understanding of Science Movement in Germany


9. Public Understanding of Science: Glimpses of the Past and Roads Ahead


10. Whose Science? What Knowledge? Science, Rationality and Literacy in Africa


11. An Experience of Science Communication in Korea: The Space-Sharing Project with Mass Media


12. From Science Popularization To Public Engagement: The History of Science Communication in Korea


13. Spanish PCST and the European Science in Society Strategy


14. Science Museums and Cultural Images of Modernity: Scientific Communication, New Identities and Sociopolitical Constraints on Science Museums in Spain


PART 2: Horizontal Issues


15. Slowly But Surely: How the European Union Promotes Science Communication


16. Vital and Vulnerable: Science Communication as a University Subject


17. Visible Scientists, Media Coverage and National Identity: Nobel Laureates in the Italian Daily Press


18. Engagement: The Key To the Communicative Effectiveness of Science and Ideas


19. From Public To Policy


20. Science Culture and its Indicators