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Medications and Mathematics for the Nurse

Jane Rice
Thomson Delmar Learning
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 SECTION 1: BASIC MATHEMATICS. Chapter 1: Introduction and Arithmetic Test. Chapter 2: Numerals and Fractions. Chapter 3: Decimal Fractions and Percents. Chapter 4: Ratio and Percentage. Chapter 5: Temperature Equivalents. SECTION 2: CALCULATIONS OF DOSES AND SOLUTIONS. Chapter 6: The Metric System. Chapter 7: Household Measures and Apothecaries' Measurements. Chapter 8: Calculating Adult Dosages: Oral Forms. Chapter 9: Calculating Adult Dosages: Parenteral Forms. Chapter 10: Calculating Children's Dosages. SECTION 3: ADMINISTRATION OF MEDICATIONS. Chapter 11: Drug Sources, Standards, and Dosages. Chapter 12: Forms of Drugs and How They Act. Chapter 13: The Medication Order. Chapter 14: Basic Principles for the Administration of Medications. Chapter 15: Administration of Nonparenteral Medications. Chapter 16: Parenteral Equipment and Supplies. Chapter 17: Administration of Parenteral Medications. SECTION 4: DRUGS AND RELATED SUBSTANCES. Chapter 18: Drugs Used to Counteract Infections. Chapter 19: Antifungal, Antiviral, and Immunizing Agents. Chapter 20: Antineoplastic Agents. Chapter 21: Vitamins and Minerals. Chapter 22: Psychotropic Agents. Chapter 23: Substance Abuse. SECTION 5: EFFECTS OF MEDICATIONS ON BODY SYSTEMS. Chapter 24: Medications Used for Circulatory System Disorders. Chapter 25: Medications That Affect the Respiratory System. Chapter 26: Medications Used for Gastrointestinal System Disorders. Chapter 27: Diuretics and Medications Used for Urinary System Disorders. Chapter 28: Medications Used in Treatment of Endocrine Disorders. Chapter 29: Medications Used for Musculoskeletal System Disorders. Chapter 30: Medications That Affect the Nervous System. Chapter 31: Medications That Affect the Reproductive System. Appendix. Answers to Practice Problems and Self-Assessment Tests for Sections 1 and 2. Glossary. Drug Index. General Index