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Integral Methods in Science and Engineering: Techniques and Applications

C. Constanda and S. Potapenko, editors
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List of Contributors

Superconvergence of Projection Methods for Weakly Singular Integral Operators / M. Ahues, A. Largillier, A. Amosov

On Acceleration of Spectral Computations for Integral Operators with Weakly Singular Kernels / M. Ahues, A. Largillier, B. Limaye

Numerical Solution of Integral Equations in Solidification and Melting with Spherical Symmetry / V.S. Ajaev, J. Tausch

An Analytic Solution for the Steady-State Two-Dimensional Advection–Diffusion–Deposition Model by the GILTT Approach / D. Buske, M.T. de Vilhena, D. Moreira, B.E.J. Bodmann

Analytic Two-Dimensional Atmospheric Pollutant Dispersion Simulation by Double GTT \ M. Cassol, S. Wortmann, MT. de Vilhena, H.F. de Campos Velho

Transient Acoustic Radiation from a Thin Spherical Elastic Shell / D.J. Chappell, P.J. Harris, D. Henwood, R. Chakrabarti

The Eigenfrequencies and Mode Shapes of Drilling Masts / S. Chergui

Layer Potentials in Dynamic Bending of Thermoelastic Plates / I. Chudinovich, C. Constanda

Direct Methods in the Theory of Thermoelastic Plates / I. Chudinovich, C. Constanda

The Dirichlet Problem for the Plane Deformation of a Thin Plate on an Elastic Foundation / I. Chudinovich, C. Constanda, D. Doty, W. Hamill, S. Pomeranz

Some Remarks on Homogenization in Perforated Domains / L. Flodén, A. Holmborn, M. Olsson, J. Silfver

Dynamic Response of a Poroelastic Half-Space to Harmonic Line Tractions / V. Gerasik, M. Stastna

Convexity Conditions and Uniqueness and Regularity of Equilibria in Nonlinear Elasticity / S.M. Haidar

The Mathematical Modeling of Syringomyelia / P.J. Harris, C. Hardwidge

A System Iterative Method for Solving First-Kind, Degraded Identity Operator Equations / J. Hilgers, B. Bertram, W. Reynolds

Fast Numerical Integration Method Using Taylor Series / H. Hirayama

Boundary Integral Solution of the Two-Dimensional Fractional Diffusion Equation / J. Kemppainen, K. Ruotsalainen

About Traces, Extensions, and Co-Normal Derivative Operators on Lipschitz Domains / S.E. Mikhailov

On the Extension of Divergence-Free Vector Fields Across Lipschitz Interfaces / D. Mitrea

Solutions of the Atmospheric Advection–Diffusion Equation by the Laplace Transformation / D.M. Moreira, M.T. de Vilhena, T. Tirabassi, B.E.J. Bodmann

On Quasimodes for Spectral Problems Arising in Vibrating Systems with Concentrated Masses / E. Pérez

Two-Sided Estimates for Local Minimizers in Compressible Elasticity / G. Del Piero, R. Rizzoni

Harmonic Oscillations in a Linear Antiplane Elasticity with Microstructure / S. Potapenko

Exterior Dirichlet and Neumann Problems for the Helmholtz Equation as Limits of Transmission Problems / M.-L.Rapún, F.-J. Sayas

Direct Boundary Element Method with Discretization of All Integral Operators / F.-J. Sayas

Reciprocity in Elastomechanics: Development of Explicit Results for Mixed Boundary Value Problems / A.P.S. Selvadurai

Integral Equation Modeling of Electrostatic Interactions in Atomic Force Microscopy / Y. Shen, D.M. Barnett, P.M. Pinsky

Integral Representation for the Solution of a Crack Problem Under Stretching Pressure in Plane Asymmetric Elasticity / E. Shmoylova, S. Potapenko, L. Rothenburg

Euler–Bernoulli Beam with Energy Dissipation: Spectral Properties and Control / M. Shubov

Correct Equilibrium Shape Equation of Axisymmetric Vesicles / N.K. Vaidya, H. Huang, S. Takagi

Properties of Positive Solutions of the Falkner–Skan Equation Arising in Boundary Layer Theory / G.C. Yang, L.L. Shi, K.Q. Lan

Stabilization of a Four-Dimensional System under Real Noise Excitation / J. Zhu, W.-C. Xie, R.M.C. So