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Gröbner Bases, Coding, and Cryptography

M. Sala, T. Mora, L. Perret, S. Sakata, and C. Traverso, editors
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Part I: Invited Talks
1 Teo Mora: Groebner technology,
2 Teo Mora: The FGLM problem and Moeller's algorithm on zero-dimensional ideals,
3 Daniel Augot, Emanuele Betti, Emmanuela Orsini: An introduction to linear and cyclic codes,
4 Teo Mora, Emmanuela Orsini: Decoding cyclic codes: the Cooper philosophy,
5 Douglas A. Leonard: A tutorial on AG code construction from a Groebner basis perspective,
6 John Little: Automorphisms and encoding of AG and order domain codes,
7 Olav Geil: Algebraic geometry codes from order domains,
8 Shojiro Sakata: The BMS algorithm,
9 Shojiro Sakata: The BMS Algorithm and decoding of algebraic geometry codes,
10 Douglas A. Leonard: A tutorial on AG code decoding from a Groebner basis perspective,
11 Eleonora Guerrini,Anna Rimoldi: FGLM-like decoding: from Fitzpatrick's approach to recent developments,
12 Marcus Greferath: An introduction to ring-linear coding theory,
13 Eimear Byrne, Teo Mora: Groebner bases over commutative Artin chain rings and applications to coding theory,
14 Olivier Billet and Jintai Ding: Overview of cryptanalysis techniques in multivariate public key cryptography
15 Francoise Levy-dit-Vehel, Maria Grazia Marinari, Ludovic Perret, Carlo Traverso: A survey on Polly-Cracker systems,
16 Carlos Cid, Ralf Weinmann: Block ciphers: algebraic cryptanalysis and Groebner bases,
17 Frederik Armknecht, Gwenole Ars: Algebraic attacks on stream ciphers with Groebner bases,

Part II: Notes

1 Kristine Lally: Canonical representation of quasicyclic codes using Gröbner basis theory,
2 Marta Giorgetti: About the nth-root codes,
3 Stanislav Bulygin, Ruud Pellikaan: Decoding linear error-correcting codes up to half the minimum distance with Groebner bases,
4 Eleonora Guerrini, Emmanuela Orsini, Ilaria Simonetti: Gröbner bases for the distance distribution of systematic codes,
5 Jon-Lark Kim: A Prize Problem in Coding Theory,
6 Mijail Borges-Quintana, Miguel A. Borges-Trenard, Edgar Martinez-Moro: An application of Moeller's Algorithm to Coding Theory,
7 Edgar Martinez-Moro, Diego Ruano: Mattson Solomon transform and algebra codes,
8 Peter Beelen, Kristian Brander: Decoding folded Reed-Solomon codes using Hensel lifting,
9 Daniel Augot, Michael Stepanov: A note on the generalisation of the Guruswami-Sudan list decoding
10 Gretchen L. Matthews: Viewing multipoint codes as subcodes of one-point codes
11 Heide Gluesing-Luerssen, Barbara Langfeld, Wiland Schmale: A short introduction to cyclic convolutional codes,
12 Ilaria Simonetti: On the non-linearity of Boolean functions
13 Danilo Gligoroski, Vesna Dimitrova, Smile Markovski: Quasigroups as Boolean functions, their equation systems and Groebner bases
14 Danilo Gligoroski, Smile Markovski, Svein J. Knapskog: A new measure to estimate pseudo-randomness of Boolean functions and relations with Gröbner bases
15 Ryutaroh Matsumoto: Radical computation for small characteristics