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Complex, Contact and Symmetric Manifolds: In Honor of L. Vanhecke

Oldrich Kowalski, Emilio Musso, and Domenico Perrone, editors
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Progress in Mathematics 234
We do not plan to review this book.
* Preface * Acknowledgments * Authors' Addresses * List of Participants * D.E. Blair: Curvature of Contact Metric Manifolds * E. Boeckx: A case for curvature: the unit tangent bundle * A.A. Borisenko: Convex hypersurfaces in Hadamard manifolds * G. Calvaruso: Contact metric geometry of the unit tangent sphere bundle * V. Cort‚s and L. Sch„fer: Topological-antitopological fusion equations, pluriharmonic maps and special K„hler manifolds * P. de Bartolomeis: Z2 and Z-Deformation Theory for Holomorphic and Symplectic Manifolds * J.C. D¡az-Ramos, E. Garc¡a-R¡o and L. Hervella: Total scalar curvatures of geodesic spheres and of boundaries of geodesic disks * M. Djoric: Commutative condition on the second fundamental form of CR submanifolds of maximal CR dimension of a K„hler manifold * C. Dunn and P.B. Gilkey: Curvature homogeneous pseudo-Riemannian manifolds which are not locally homogeneous * M. Fern ndez and V. Mu¤oz: The Geography of Non-formal Manifolds * A. Fujiki and M. Pontecorvo: On Hermitian geometry of complex surfaces * O. Gil-Medrano: Unit vector fields that are critical points of the volume and of the energy: characterization and examples * O. Kowalski and Z. Vl sek: On 3-dimensional Riemannian manifolds with prescribed Ricci eigenvalues * A.M. Naveira: Two problems in real and complex integral geometry * T. Oguro and K. Sekigawa: Notes on the Goldberg conjecture in dimension four * C-L. Terng and E. Wang: Curved flats, exterior differential systems, and conservation laws * K. Tsukada: Symmetric submanifolds of Riemannian symmetric spaces and symmetric R-spaces * J.A. Wolf: Complex forms of Quaternionic Symmetric Spaces