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Analysis and Numerics for Conservation Laws

Gerald Warnecke, editor
Springer Verlag
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 S.Andreae, J.Ballmann, S.Müller: Wave Processes at Interfaces.- J.Heiermann, M.Auweter-Kurtz, Ch.Sleziona: Numerics for Magnetoplasmadynamic Propulsion.- H.Babovsky: Hexagonal Kinetic Models and the Numerical Simulation of Kinetic Boundary Layers.- R.Deiterding, G.Bader: High-resolution Simulation of Detonations with Detailed Chemistry.- A.S.Bormann: Numerical Linear Stability Analysis for Compressible Fluids.- M.Schüssler, J.H.M.J.Bruls, A.Vögler, P. Vollmöller: Simulation of Solar Radiative Magneto-Convection.- W.Dahmen, S.Müller, A.Voß: Riemann Problem for the Euler Equation with Non-Convex Equation of State Including Phase Transitions.- A.Dedner, D.Kröner, C.Rohde, M.Wesenberg: Radiation Magnetohydrodynamics: Analysis for Model Problems and Efficient 3d-Simulations for the Full System.- W.Dreyer, M.Herrmann, M.Kunik, S.Qamar: Kinetic Schemes for Selected Initial and Boundary Value Problems.- F.Völker, R.Vilsmeier, D.Hänel: A Local Level-Set Method under Involvement of Topological Aspects.- T.Hillen, K.P.Hadeler: Hyperbolic Systems and Transport Equations in Mathematical Biology.- J.Harterich, St. Liebscher: Travelling Waves in Systems of Hyperbolic Balance Laws.- R.Hartmann: The Role of the Jacobian in the Adaptive Discontinuous Galerkin Method for the Compressible Euler Equations.- Ch.Helling, R.Klein, E.Sedlmayr: The Multi-Scale Dust Formation in Substellar Atmospheres.- D.Hietel, M.Junk, J. Kuhnert, S.Tiwari: Meshless Methods for Conservation Laws.- W.Hillbrandt, M.Reinecke, W.Schmidt, F.K.Röpke, C.Travaglio, J.C.Niemeyer: Simulations of Turbulent Thermonuclear Burining in Type 1a Supernovae.- Y.L.Lee, R.Schneider, C.-D.Munz, F.Kemm: Hyperbolic GLM Scheme for Elliptic Constraints in Computational Electromagnetics and MHD.- H.Schmidt, R.Klein: Flexible Flame Structure Modelling in a Flame Front Tracking Scheme.- T.Kröger, S.Noelle: Riemann-Solver Free Schemes.- H.Liu: Relaxation Dynamics, Scaling Limits and Convergence of Relaxation Schemes.- S.Noelle, W.Rosenbaum, M.Rumpf: Multidimensional Adaptive Staggered Grids.- W.-A.Yong, W.Jäger: On Hyperbolic Relaxation Problems.- Appendix: Color Plates.