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Opt Art

by Robert Bosch

Year of Award: 2007

Publication Information: Math Horizons, Feb. 2006, pp. 6-9

Summary: The author showcases optimization’s utility by describing some applications in the area of art.

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About the Author(s): Robert Bosch is Professor of Mathematics and the Robert and Eleanor Biggs Professor of Natural Science at Oberlin College.  He specializes in optimization, the branch of mathematics concernedwith optimal performance.  Since 2001, Bosch has devotedincreasing amounts of time and effort into devising and refiningmethods for using optimization to create pictures, portraits,and sculpture.  He has had pieces commissioned by mathematics departments at Colorado College, Western Washington University, Occidental College, Spelman College, and the organizing committees of several academic conferences.  He operates a website,, from which it is possible to download free plans for several of his domino mosaics.

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Wednesday, October 1, 2008