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Are Logic and Mathematics Identical?

by Leon Henkin (University of California Berkeley)

Award: Chauvenet

Year of Award: 1964

Publication Information: Science, vol. 138 (1962), pp. 788-794

Summary: An old thesis of Russel's is reexamined in the light of subsequent developments in mathematical logic.

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About the Author: Leon Henkin (1921-2006) received his Ph.D. from Princeton University in 1947 under the direction of Alonzo Church. From 1953 until his death he was a Professor of Mathematics at the University of California, Berkeley. His thesis included a proof of Godel's completeness theorem for the predicate calculus which has since become the standard proof in almost every presentation of mathematical logic.

Subject classification(s): Logic and Foundations | Logic
Publication Date: 
Monday, October 11, 2010