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Algebraic Tiling

by Sherman K. Stein

Year of Award: 1975

Publication Information: The American Mathematical Monthly, vol. 81, 1974, pp. 445-462

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About the Author: (from McGraw-Hill) Sherman K. Stein received his Ph.D. from Columbia University. After a one-year instructorship at Princeton University, he joined the faculty at the University of California, Davis, where he taught until 1993. His main mathematical interests are in algebra, combinatorics, and pedagogy. He has been the recipient of two MAA awards; the Lester R. Ford Award for Mathematical Exposition, and the Beckenbach Book Prize for Algebra and Tiling (with Sandor Szabo). He also received The Distinguished Teaching Award from the University of California, Davis, and an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters from Marietta College.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008