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MAA provides high school teachers with high quality classroom resources to build their students’ problem-solving skills. MAA’s American Mathematics Competitions (AMC) is America’s longest running and most prestigious suite of math contests, now offering versions for middle school and high school students. More than 350,000 students participate each year. Most recently, the Association began an initiative to map AMC problems to the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSS-M) and to provide new classroom materials focused on problem-solving activities aligned with the CCSS-M.

The materials we offer represent efforts by members committed to improving teaching and learning. Through Curriculum Inspirations, a media experience which inspires and prepares students with problem solving in the classroom and lively implementation of the CCSS-M, students will gain confidence. Curriculum Inspirations enables all students to experience the joy of deep mathematical thinking and lively exploration. Our Curriculum Development & Resources provides the MAA-Maplesoft Placement Testing Suite and our Basic Library List of books in the mathematical sciences recommended for high school libraries. MAA’s books and publications provide the tools needed to coach students in effective mathematical problem solving. We invite you to explore these for your own use.

Learn more about the AMC Competitions.