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Using Video Case Studies to Develop Students’ Proof-writing Skills

Connie Campbell, Jim Sandefur, Kay Somers
June 2-5, 2015

Registration Fee: $175 per person ($250 for registrations received after April 21, 2015)

Many college students have difficulty developing and evaluating mathematical arguments and constructing proofs. We have developed a library of 40 short videos (5 to 10 minutes in length) showing pairs of students as they work to construct proofs of theorems that are new to them. These authentic videos reveal student thinking processes and can be a useful tool in helping students develop proof writing skills. During a series of interactive web conferences, participants will view and discuss videos together and develop a better understanding of students' difficulties related to proof writing. Participants will then learn various ways in which these videos can be used to help their students overcome these difficulties and will develop plans to use the videos in their own learning environments. Participants will have ongoing access to our complete video library, including ancillary materials that provide suggested uses for each video. The workshop will include follow up on-line discussions occurring late in the fall and spring, allowing participants to share their experiences.