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Becoming a Successful WeBWorK System Administrator

Mike Gage, Jason Aubrey, Geoff Goehle, Danny Glin, and John Travis

July 6, 13, 14, and 20, 2015


Registration Fee: $175 per person ($250 for registrations received after May 25, 2015)

Participants in this PREP workshop will cover the technical skills necessary to install and maintain a robust, reliable, and secure WeBWorK server.  These skills will be cultivated through a series of interactive web conferences.   As an added benefit, participants will be encouraged to become active in the greater WeBWorK community.  This workshop should be most helpful to faculty and IT professionals who are interested in managing a local WeBWorK installation, and might be a useful follow-up for participants who have taken one of the previous WeBWorK-oriented PREP workshops.  

All participants should have some understanding of Linux. Participants with minimal Linux background will be offered a brief optional introduction to system management.  During the preparatory component, participants will also be provided guest accounts on the national test server and a selection of WeBWorK tasks to perform.  We welcome faculty participants to sign up with a local IT system administrator as a team.  Each team would only require one PREP registration.