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Undergraduate Sustainability Experiences in Mathematics (USE Math) on Campus

Ben Galluzzo, Corrine Taylor, and James Hamblin
July 22 – 26, 2013
Shippensburg, Pennsylvania

Registration Fee: $275 per person ($350 for registrations received after June 10,2013)

Undergraduate Sustainability Experiences in Mathematics (USE Math) projects are sustainability-focused, technology-enabled, single class-period projects, offering students authentic quantitative experiences within the context of sustainability. The USE Math on Campus workshop will explore the relationship between sustainability and introductory-level mathematics on college campuses through active use of existing projects, sharing of ideas, and development of new USE Math projects. Prior to the workshop, participants will be introduced to a collection of sustainability-motivated mathematics materials and will be encouraged to identify the role (and meaning) of sustainability on their campus. At the workshop we will initially focus on incorporating existing modules to fit specific campus needs. Working groups, based on sustainability and course interests, will develop new modules to incorporate into their classrooms. Following classroom implementation, participants will share in-class USE Math experiences with the group to develop engaging modules to share broadly on a public website.

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