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"Big Data" and Data Mining for Mathematicians

Dick De Veaux and Bernhard Klingenberg
June 17-19, 2013
Williamstown, Massachusetts

Registration Fee: $275 per person ($350 for registrations received after May 6, 2013)

This workshop will give mathematics educators experience solving real "big data" problems in science, industry and government. Participants will learn the methodology and algorithms used by statisticians to analyze large data sets. They will learn the models most commonly used, how to implement them and how to deal with the practical data issues such as data typing, missing data and data quality. Most of the techniques, which are often grouped under the rubric of "data mining," are based on methods (e.g., regression) introduced in elementary statistics courses and will seem familiar and intuitive, even to those with limited statistics experience other than teaching the first course. Participants will learn the techniques interactively, performing and discussing the analysis with each other after learning each method. For the final component, they will work in groups on projects and report on their findings.

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