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Rossman/Chance applet collection

Allows students to compare their guesses with true regression line. Shows residuals and squares of residuals. This newest version works on tablets.

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Alan Rossman and Beth Chance
Daniel Drucker
Beth and Frank Chance


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This applet is similar to another applet listed on this website, the least squares demo developed by Sam Baker. Both applets allow you to do your own geometric fits, to draw your own line to fit the data and both show residuals and sums of squares of residuals. Both also allow you to add or delete points from the data collection. This is a useful tool to use in the classroom. We recommend you try both applets to see which you prefer. For the other applet you can turn on a brief lecture explaining how that applet works. This applet does not have the lecture feature.
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User can add or remove or change points, which are height and foot length.