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Reversal Matices

Presents a class of matrices that can be used to illustrate all the topics covered in a beginning linear algebra course. Can be used as a demo or student project.

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David Zitarelli
Jeff Holt
Temple University
David Zitarelli


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This page provides an introduction to reversal matrices, which are obtained by writing the rows (or columns) of an indentity matrix in reverse order. The page outlines how to generate reversal matrices using any of Matlab, Maple, or Mathematica. It then provides a series of activities to perfrom, covering many of the topics encountered in an introductory linear algebra course. It is designed to be used at the end of the course, and is suggested as a possible capstone project. The page includes recommendations for how an instructor can use this in a course.'s picture

Nice, but easy, set of exercises. More generally, one could create such an exercise set for some of the special matrices listed at the end of the ATLAST Computer Exercises for Linear Algebra. There, the reversal matrices are called the backwards identity matrices.