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Reading This Could Help You Sleep: Caffeine in Your Body

"Reading This Could Help You Sleep: Caffeine in Your Body" is an introduction to exponential functions of the form \(ab^t\) at the Intermediate Algebra level, with emphasis on the meaning of these functions and their graphs. The concept of half-life is introduced. A conditional function (a piecewise-defined function) is used. "Get the Lead Out" extends the study of exponential functions and can be used to introduce the use of logarithms to "un-do" exponential expressions in solving equations. "So Much Coffee, So Little Time" can be used at the Intermediate Algebra level to help students see the value of "solving systems of linear equations". It shows connections between solving linear equations and exponential functions, and continues the study of exponential functions, this time of the form \(ab^t + c\). End behavior of these functions with horizontal asymptotes is included.

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Rosalie Dance (University of the Virgin Islands) and Mark Sandefur (Georgetown University)
Bohdan Rhodehamel
Developmental Mathematics Collection