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Online Matrix Calculator

Allows user-entered matrix of up to \(8 \times 8\). Finds the following: transpose, determinant, trace, rank, inverse, Moore-Penrose inverse; LU or LQ or QR or singular value decompositions; eigenvalues/eigenvectors. Also has links to another site for doing matrix arithmetic.

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Steve Leon
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Bluebit Software


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While the webpages works well as intended, the interface is pretty basic. It can be rather difficult to enter a matrix, and the results are difficult to copy into other resources.'s picture

Quite useful. Type entries of each row (as decimals) separated by spaces (or commas or tabs) and press Return to enter a new row. Check as many of the quantities as you like and they will all be computed without your having to enter commands the way you would with Matlab, Maple, etc. It is easy to copy and paste the results into a text editor. The results are given in floating point with user-chosen precision, so it is difficult to identify the algebraic form of the answers. (Would you recognize 0.816497 as 2/sqrt(6)?) But students can use this utility to CHECK algebraic answers. Each time you return to do more calculations, the settings are reset to the defaults, so you can't do more calculations on the same matrix without reentering it. There are links to other utilities that do matrix addition, subtraction, and multiplication and solutions of systems of linear equations. The linear equation solver doesn't seem to accept comma-separated matrices, but spaces work. It gives one solution, not the general solution.
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Does a lot of nice things. Won't work with fractions.
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Flexible and intuitive interface.