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Matrix Inverse Applet

Find the inverse of a given \(3\times3\) matrix via row operations. Matrices are generated by the applet. Easy entry of data for row operations applied to [A | I]. A list of operations performed is displayed. A new matrix is generated by the applet. There is a"glitch"; the list of opertions is not cleared when a new matrix is generated.

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Lauren Williams
Steven Leon / David Hill
Mercyhurst University website
Lauren Williams

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Nice interactive matrix inverse calculator. User enters elementary row operations and views their effect. All the steps are recorded by the applet and displayed for the user to review. The applet generates new matrices to invert at the push of a button. The operations use only rational numbers. The user cannot enter a matrix to invert.

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Easy to use and enter data for row operations. Students cannot enter their own problem. There is a"glitch"; the list of operations is not cleared when a new problem is initiated.'s picture

This is a nice applet for calcualting the inverse by applying row operations to an augmented matrix. This has a nicer interface than the other applet I looked at for calculating inverses. It also provides a nice bullet list of facts about inverses.The 'glitch" did not occur on my computer.