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Linear Systems Applet

A Java applet that implements various forms of Gaussian elimination and backward substitution to solve square linear systems of equations.

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Thomas Kiffe
Steve Leon
Texas A&M
Thomas Kiffe
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This applet provides a simple interface to enter the coefficients of a linear system of equations. The applet implements a number of different solutions methods: Naive (Gaussian and back substitution), Partial (Naive with partial pivoting), Scaled partial (Partial with scaling), LU factorization, LU with pivoting, Inverse. The applet displays lots of decimal places to show the varying effects of round-off error. It also includes a button to prepopulate the applet with entries fof a Hilbert matrix.

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This applet lets you enter a linear system and then pick different pivoting strategies to solve the system. You need to be clever about the system you order to see any differences in the computed solutions.