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Linear Algebra in Twenty Five Lectures

A complete (400 page) online Linear Algebra textbook. Well, the actual text is only 200 pages; the other 200 pages are scripts for 79 videos that take the place of most worked exercises that are common in traditional textbooks. The text contains a few Exercises, but also makes use of online homework (and checks that students are doing the reading) via WebWork.

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Tom Denton and Andrew Waldron
Philip Yasskin
Tom Denton and Andrew Waldron
Tom Denton and Andrew Waldron
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A good introductory text book on linear algebra with embedded videos.
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This is a very intriguing text. It is very explicit in trying to be non-traditional in terms of delivery - making use of videos and online "homework" to check that students are reading the text. Except that I could not acces the WebWork materials form the UC-Davis server, everything worked very smoothly. The authors admit that there are bound to be some errors in the text - but I did not see any in what (little) I read. The presentation is light and conversational. Mathematically, the attention to vector spaces and other more abstract concepts appears to be on the light side. Overall, a noteworthy effort that deserves to be seen.