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Linear Algebra

A free and open textbook for a standard first-course in Linear Algebra in the US. A notable feature of this distribution is that it includes the raw LaTeX source files. This text is somewhat long, about 500 pages. This text emphasizes proofs throughout most sections. The appendices address Quantifiers, Proof Techniques, and Sets, Functions, and Relations. A nice touch that is not found in most books at this level. Each chapter includes 3-5 additional topics; these could be used as the basis for a project, or for directed or independent reading.

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Jim Heffron
David Strong
Jim Heffron
Jim Heffron


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This nearly 500-page PDF file contains a complete textbook for an introductory course in linear algebra. This presentation places a heavy weight on proofs, and supports this its appendices. The presentation in the text makes effective and appropriate use of geometry. My biggest concern is that it's simply too long to be convenient for students to print, or to carry around unbound.
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This looks like a nice online textbook but it is useless for a class because it includes full solution to all exercises.