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Demos for Max-Min Problems

Instructors' notes break down steps for illustrating fundamental concepts for understanding and developing equations that model optimization problems, commonly referred to as max-min problems. The focus is on geometrically based problems so that animations can provide a foundation for developing insight and equations to model the problem. The common max-min problems illustrated include the following: "Maximize the area of a pen," "Minimize the time for rowing and walking," "Maximize the volume of an inscribed cylinder," "Maximize the area of an inscribed rectangle," "Determine the point on a curve closest to a fixed point," "Maximize the area for two pens," "Maximize the area of a rectangle inscribed in an isosceles triangle," "Maximize the printable region of a poster," "Construct a box of maximum volume," "Construct a cone of maximum volume," "Maximize the viewing angle of the Statue of Liberty," and "Minimize the travel time for light from one point to another."

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David R. Hill
Doug Ensley
Demos With Positive Imnpact
David R. Hill, Temple University
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Quicktime movie, MATLAB, Geometer's Sketchpad