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Bridging the Vector Calculus Gap

This project is aimed at bridging the gap between how vector calculus is taught by mathematicians and how it is used by scientists. First, there are two books, one on math and one on physics (Click on Book and then Table of Contents). There are also two or more alternate tables of contents for each book.Second, there is a collection of lab activities (Rather than click on Labs, click on Book and then Activities). This will take you to a complete set of activities for both math and physics. Third, there is a collection of provocative issues which are handled differently in math and physics (Click on Ideas). Finally this is an entry point for the Bridge Users Group mailing list and archive which contains a threaded discussion of vector calculus issues.
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Tevian Dray and Corinne A. Manogue
Philip Yasskin
Vector Calculus Bridge project
Vector Calculus Bridge project
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