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A Random Walk in One Dimension: Applet Demonstration

This applet constructs a histogram of the resulting path of a random walker in one dimension. The user can change the number of steps, the probability of walking to the right, and the number of trials. There is a brief description ad a few guiding questions associated with this demonstration. This is one of the random applications in the Physlets project. (See the related resouces for the link.) The authors notes that the applet may not run on a Mac.
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Macneil Shonle and Shubba Tewari
Ginger Rowell
Physlets Project at Davidson
The Physlets applets are released under the GNU General Public License. The source code is readily available as a link off of each Phylet's page.The Physlet framework used by these Physlets itself is not free software and should not be distributed.