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NREUP 2021 Student Showcase

The Mathematical Association of America (MAA) supports the participation of mathematics undergraduates from underrepresented groups in focused and challenging research experiences to increase their interest in advanced degrees and careers in mathematics. Each year mathematical sciences faculty are invited to apply for a grant to host National Research Experiences for Undergraduates Program at their own campus over the summer. NREUP is structured both to increase undergraduate completion rates and encourage more students to pursue graduate study by exposing them to research experiences after they complete their sophomore year.

This year, students who participated in an NREUP in 2021 were invited to present their project in a virtual poster session. The full program of the event, including project abstracts, can be found here.

In addition to their live presentations, eight student groups chose to produce an additional two-minute video presentation of their project to be shared publicly. We are thrilled to be able to share with you these videos from the following institutions. Please click the institution's name to see their video(s).

Andrews University

Berrien Springs, Michigan


The Delta-unlinking Number of Algebraically Split Links

  • Student Presenters: Moises Reyes
  • Faculty Advisor: Anthony Bosman





Embry Riddle Aeronautical University

Daytona Beach, Florida


Statistical Analysis of Hispanic Voters' Behavior Florida

  • Student Presenters: Kamila Soto-Ortiz
  • Faculty Advisor: Mihhail Berezovski





Siena University

Loudonville, New York


Guns, Zombies, and Steelhead Axes: Cost-effective Recommendations for Surviving Human Societies

  • Student Presenters: Ahmani Roman
  • Faculty Advisor: Scott Greenhalgh 





Texas A&M University-Commerce

Commerce, Texas


Properties and Parameters of Codes from Unit Graphs of Zn

  • Student Presenters: Victor Ezem and Ashlee Story
  • Faculty Advisor: Padmapani Seneviratne





University of Guam

Mangilao, Guam


A Model of the Dynamics of CRB-G with a Game Theoretical Analysis of the Effectiveness of Control Measures

  • Student Presenters: Jovic Aaron S. Caasi, Alex Leon Guerrero, and Kangsan Yoon
  • Faculty Advisor: Leslie Aquino, Aubrey Moore, and Hyunju Oh





Population Dynamics of the Mariana Eight-Spot Butterfly and Parasitoid Wasps: A Compartment Model Approach

  • Student Presenters: Cabrini Aguon and Andrew Lu
  • Faculty Advisor: Leslie Aquino, Aubrey Moore, and Hyunj Oh





A Game Theoretical Approach to Modeling Population Dynamics Between the H. o. Marianensis, H. Anomala and H. Bolina

  • Student Presenters: Andrea Gutierrez, Yuan-Jen Kuo, Sean Hipolito, and Shaun Wu
  • Faculty Advisor:Hyunju Oh and Leslie Aquino





Modeling and Analysis of Oryctes rhinoceros Behavior

  • Student Presenters: Michael Cajigal, Gabriel Florencio, and Ashley Yang
  • Faculty Advisor: Hyunju Oh, Leslie Aquino, and Aubrey Moore






Support for this Program

Support for this Mathematical Association of America (MAA) program is provided by the National Science Foundation, Award #DMS-1950644.



For further information about the program, please contact MAA Programs.