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Möbius MAA Placement Test Suite by DigitalEd

The MAA has a new partnership with DigitalEd, an advanced, STEM-focused digital learning company with a mission to make education better for students and faculty at both colleges and universities, to create a suite of web-based mathematics placement tests. The test content is developed by the MAA, and delivered using Möbius by DigitalEd.

Place your incoming students in the right mathematics courses effortlessly and with accuracy using the Möbius MAA Placement Test Suite that brings together the reliability of Mathematical Association of America (MAA) placement tests and Möbius—the leading online mathematics assessment platform.

Benefits of the Möbius MAA Placement Test Suite


No other mathematics placement testing option can match the price point, value, and customer service of the Möbius MAA Placement Test Suite.

Save costs. Offered on a per-student basis instead of per-attempt, making it the most cost-effective placement testing offering in the market.

Real support. Comprehensive online help documentation plus actual people on the DigitalEd Customer Support Team.


No need to make any sacrifices in how you deliver your online mathematics placement testing with the Möbius MAA Placement Test Suite.

Easy to administer. Eliminate all the logistical headaches of paper-based testing by delivering fully pre-built tests online that seamlessly integrate with your LMS and offer clear and enriching digital visuals.

Instant results. Questions are automatically graded upon test submission and built-in analytics tools provide maximum insights into student performance.

Flexible delivery. Online testing with Möbius means that you can distribute placement testing using whatever scheduling and frequency is needed to suit your institution.

Complete customizability. Use as a turnkey option and deliver testing as-is, or leverage the content modifying capabilities of the Möbius platform to tailor your placement testing down to the finest detail.


Take pride and have confidence in the MAA placement tests that you’re delivering through the Möbius MAA Placement Test Suite.

Created by experts. Each test is written and constructed by panels of higher education mathematics experts and then reviewed and approved by the MAA.

Statistically validated. MAA placement tests are first rigorously trialed at select institutions which includes detailed analysis and test modification, all overseen by authorities of the MAA.

Authentic testing. Every test is carefully balanced, offered with multiple versions, and real-life tested to provide consistent, reliable, and genuine results.

Aligned testing criteria. MAA placement tests achieve the assessment of the fundamental computational skills needed for student success.


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Pricing and Further Information

Sales and marketing of the Möbius MAA Placement Test Suite are managed by DigitalEd. For more information, visit Möbius MAA Placement Test Suite, or contact DigitalEd at Click here to view the Möbius MAA Placement Test Suite online help.