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Mathematics Magazine - December 1999


Olivier and Abel on Series Convergence: An Episode from Early 19th Century Analysis
by Michael Goar

Apollonian Cubics: An Application of Group Theory to a Problem in Euclidean Geometry
by Paris Pamfilos and Apostolos Thoma

Tangent Sequences, World Records, p, and the Meaning of Life: Some Applications of Number Theory to Calculus
by Ira Rosenholtz


Proof Without Words: Geometry of Subtraction Formulas
by Leonard M. Smiley

Raising the Roots
by, Al Cuoco

Invariants Under Group Actions to Amaze Your Friends
by Douglas E. Ensley

On Groups That Are Isomorphic to a Proper Subgroup
by Shaun Fallat, Chi-Kwong Li, David Lutzer, and David Stanford

Integration of Radial Function
by John A. Baker

Is 0.999.. = 1?
by Fred Richman

Math Bite: On the Definition of Collineation
by G. Cairns, G. Elton, and P. J. Stacey

Density of the Images of Integers Under Continuous Functions with Irrational Periods
by Sining Zheng and Jiangchen Cheng

Bold Play Is Best: A Simple Proof
by Richard Isaac

Proof Without Words: a2 + b2= c2,
by Poo-sung Park


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Solutions 1559-1563

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