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Playing with Matches Solution by Eric Libicki

Playing with Matches by Eric Libicki


 In this puzzle every math clue can be paired to every sports clue since the 12 math clues refer to the same words as the 12 sports clues.  For example, the math clue “a type of product” and the sports clue “a type of bow” would match since they both refer to the word “cross.”  Of course trying to figure out the ones below will be a bit more complex.      


Math Clues


Sports Clues






1)  A union member?

A)  Where runners and swimmers get their start.

2)  1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1 ...

B)  A fencer wants to have either five or fifteen of these.

3)  Trig functions have these.

C)  Players hit this by getting a single, double, triple, and homerun in the same game.

4) Follows “vector” or “finite”.

D)  The Meadowlands (where you can find both Nets and Jets) is one of these.

5)  Statisticians might use these to bring people together.

E)   Compared to soccer, hockey has 50% more.

6)  The number eight.  

F)  The penultimate place for a golf ball.

7)  A type of analysis.

G)  A Friday, Saturday, and Sunday game between the Dodgers and the Giants.

8)  Cantor’s Dust is made of these.

H)  In volleyball it’s a verb, in tennis it’s a noun.

9)  You can’t find one in a tree.

I)   It is needed to get through a decathlon.

10)  They can have an identity.

J)  A way to skate.

11)  {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C} has one of order 2 at z=0.

K)  Archery has 10 times as many as boxing does.

12)  The namesake of {C}{C}{C}{C}.

L)  What Edison and Wrigley have in common.

Solution is now available.