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Math Horizons Supplements

Supplementary material

April 2024

"April Fools Calendar" By Tom Edgar

Supplementary material

"Permuting Sliding Puzzles" By Brett Barnes, Heather Russell, and Caitlin Sales

Supplementary material

Supplementary material


February 2024

"Do the Math!: Peaucellier_Lipkin linkage" By Daniel Heath

Supplementary material


September 2023

"Get Infinitely rich! (while definitely going broke)" By Dan Swenson

Supplementary material


April 2023

"Do the Math: Spinning Cards By Diana Davis

Basic Template

Heart Template

Cat Template

"Solo Noughts and Crosses By James Grime

Catch the Star


February 2023

"A Pick-a-Card Card Trick By John Harris

Supplementary material


November 2022

" Consecutive Snowflakes By David Nacin

Supplementary material

Supplementary material

September 2022

" Calcdoku By Shih-Wei Chao.

Supplementary material

Supplementary material

April 2022

" Fractal Matings: When Two Polynomials Love Each Other Very Much By Tom Sharland.

Supplementary material

" Infinitely Tall Pop-up Towers By Daniel Heath

Supplementary material

February 2022

" Old GOAT Measures By Andrew Simoson

Old GOAT Measures-Correction

" Escape from the MAA Storage Room By Julie Barnes, et al.



Bag of Marbles


Flip Chart



Puzzle Hunt Hints

Puzzle Hunt Solutions (caution: spoilers)

" A Fold-and-Cut Pi and e By Curtis Nelson and Todd Nelson

Supplementary material

Supplementary material

Supplementary material

November 2021

" All Tangled Up By Seth Colbert-Pollack, Micah Fisher, and Carol Schumacher

Supplementary material

Supplementary material

" Nines Clock Puzzle By Brian J. Shelburne

Supplementary material

Supplementary material

September 2021

" Paper Spheres By Dave Richeson

Supplementary material

April 2021

" Same-Score Streaks By Rick Cleary & Peter Staab


" The United States of AmericaPrime By Vadim Ponomarenko

Supplementary material

" Set With a Twist By Cathy Hsu, Jonah Ostroff, and Lucas Van Meter

Supplementary material

Supplementary material

Supplementary material

Supplementary material

Supplementary material

September 2020

" Monkey Business By Jean-Joseph Cote, Michael Elgersma, James S. (Sandy) Kline, and Stan Wagon

Supplementary material

" Variants of the New Zealand Puzzle By Keith Brandt and Sergei Nevsky

Supplementary material

Supplementary material

Supplementary material

April 2020

" A Complex Guide Recipe for Rich Roll Cookies By Jon Jacobsen and Kym Louie

Supplementary material

" Projectivizing Set " By Cathy Hsu, Jonah Ostroff and Lucas Van Meter

Supplementary material

Supplementary material

Supplementary material

" Squaring the Circle in a Mirror " By David Richeson

Supplementary material

February 2020

" On Logarithms and Slide Rules " By Daniel Heath and King Heath

Supplementary material

" Mathematical Art or Artistic Mathematics? " By Arsalan Wares

Supplementary material

Supplementary material

Supplementary material

Supplementary material

November 2019

" Math Horizons Word Cage " By David Nacin

Supplementary material

Supplementary material

September 2019

"Here's Looking at Euclid" By Sid Kolpas & Stu Ockman

Supplementary material

Supplementary material

April 2019

"Square or Prime Differencedoku" By David Nacin

Supplementary material

"Vera Molnar's Exploration of the Unimaginable" By Rachel R. Roe-Dale

Supplementary material

Supplementary material

"Clockwork Mathematics" By Daniel Heath

Supplementary material

"The Phylogenetics of Beer" By Satyan L. Devadoss, Lia Hebert, and Sophia Raglione

Supplementary material

September 2018

"Paper Engineering" By Daniel Heath

Supplementary material

April 2018

"A Bach Diesel Canon" By Bill Linderman & Andrew Simoson

Supplementary material

"Prime Sum and Difference Sudoku" By David Nacin

Supplementary material

February 2018

"Mathematical Potpourri" By Sid Kolpas and Stu Ockman

Supplementary material

"Exploring Real Data: A Look at Airbnb" By Amanda Francis and Eric Sullivan

Supplementary material

November 2017

"Coloring a Complex Function" By Julie Barnes, William Kreahling, and Beth Schaubroeck

Supplementary material

"Topological Crosswords" By Sam Eastridge and J. Tanner Slagel

Supplementary material

February 2017

"Modeling March Madness" By Matthew Menzel

Supplementary material

"The ENIAC at 70" By Brian J. Shelburne

Supplementary material

"Magical Data Restoration" By Ricardo Teixeria

Supplementary material

 September 2016

"Sugihara's Impossible Cylinder" By David Richeson

Youtube Video

Printable Template

 April 2016

"Network of ThronesBy Andrew Beveridge and Jie Shan

The social network for A Storm of Swords By Andrew Beveridge and Jie Shan

The social network for King's Landing By Andrew Beveridge and Jie Shan

February 2016

Tunnel-Cube Template By George Hart

Flow Free on a Torus (puzzles) By Brian Kronenthal and Wing Hong Tony Wong

Flow Free on a Torus (solutions) By Brian Kronenthal and Wing Hong Tony Wong

November 2015

How to Make a Torus By Laszlo C. Bardos

Constructing the Miyaoto-Moneroa-Monterde model of a torus: printable template and video instructions.

Constructing a paper torus with seams along Villarceau circles: printable template and video instructions.

April 2015

The Intersection Game by Burkard Polster

ZenZen by Thomas Q. Sibley

ZenZen Puzzles

ZenZen Solutions

February 2015

Fibonacci or Fairy Tale? by Burkard Polster and Marty Ross

Supplementary material

Letter to Joel by David and Joel Stucki 

Supplementary material

Epic Math Battles: Counting vs. Matching, by Jennifer J. Quinn

"Who presented the most beautiful proof of Binet's formula? The Countess or Sir Match-A-Lot? Vote now!"(Voting closes on March 21, 2015)

November 2014

Reverse Engineering College Rankings by Tim Chartier and Justin Peachey

Supplementary material

Cryptographic Word Search by Tom Edgar and Andrew Lloyd

Supplementary material 

AFTERMATH: When Will I Use This? by Douglas Corey

"When Will I Ever Use This? An Essay for Students Who Have Ever Asked This Question in Math Class"

April 2014

TracTricks by Burkard Polster 

Here is the template used to make the cones for the paper pseudosphere.

X Goes First: Wild Tales of a Tic-Tac-Toe Grandmaster by Bryan Clair

Here are the 765 different tic-tac-toe boards and the paths through them.

Bovino-Weierstrass and Other Fractured Theorems by Matt Koetz, Heather A. Lewis, and Mark McKinzie

Enjoy more fractured theorems and the "cheat sheet" that goes along with all of them.

February 2014

A Conversation with Steven Strogatz by Patrick Honner

A continuation of the conversation can be found here.

November 2013

Fasten Your Seat Belt and Start Your Engine by Charles R. Hadlock

The advertised simulation can be found here.

A Magic Trick Based on the Hamming Code by Todd Mateer

Printable cards (pdf) and Mathematica source code is available here.

September 2013

Budapest Semesters in Mathematics: A Study Abroad Utopia by Gregory Michel

The solution to "Three-Headed Dragon" can be found here.

Beading the Seven-Color Map Theorem by Susan Goldstine, Sophie Sommer, and Ellie Baker

September 2012

270 by Chuck Wessell

Election data can be found here.

November 2010

"O, IC!" Crossword by Sam Vandervelde

The solved crossword is availble here.

September 2010

The Playground - by Derek Smith

For problem 241: Download a Mathematica notebook that provides a solution. Mathematica (version 7 or higher) is required.

April 2010

The Playground - by Derek Smith

Here is the solution to Andy Liu's cake cutting problem posed in the November, 2009 issue.

February 2010

Change for a Dollar, Change for a Million - by Martin Erickson.

This Mathematica notebook file contains all the computations performed in the article, including complete solutions to the exercises. The file ChangeForADollar.nb requires Mathematica (version 7 or higher).

The Playground - by Derek Smith

For problem 242: Download a Mathematica notebook that will allow you to flip a stack of pancakes to your heart's content. Mathematica (version 7 or higher) is required.

November 2009

Soggy Jogging - by Dank Hailman and Bruce Torrents.

This demonstration allows you to dynamically control both weather conditions and the size and shape of a 3-dimensional traveler as he runs through the rain. There are two versions. The file SoggyJoggingDemo.nb requires Mathematica (version 6 or higher). The file SoggyJoggingDemo.nbp requires the free Mathematica Player application, which is available here.

The Playground - by Derek Smith

For problem 230: Download a Mathematica notebook that will allow you to rotate and adjust the parameters for a virtual sculpture.

April 2009

Four Coloring the US Counties, by Mark McClure and Stan Wagon

Lyrics to "A Four Color Proof," by Jason Holt

The Playground edited by Derek Smith

Problem 220. Inscribe-A-Gon ended with an open question. A discussion can be found here.

Problem 221. Cutting Cake is still open. Andy Liu offers the following hint: If Alice's first cut produces two pieces of sizes 20/53 and 33/53, how should Brian respond?

Problem 229. Colorful States asks you to four-color a map. Download a nice full-page pdf version of the map here.

MATHORIZN Sudoku puzzle. Here is the solution.

November 2008

A Dozen Questions about Pascal's Triangle by James Tanton

Eagle eyed readers comment on some nonmathematical content. Letters are posted from Leon Harkelroad and Deborah Gray plus a short response from the author.

Perspectives on Mathematics in Art History by James Galloway

Letter to the editors from Annalisa Crannell correcting our perspective on perspective.

September 2008
Problems and Solutions edited by Andy Liu and Derek Smith

Problem 213. Five Cubed remains open. The extensive hint promised by an editor is provided for you here. Readers are still encouraged to submit their determinations on how many different solutions are possible.

April 2008
The Most Marvelous Theorem in Mathematics by Dan Kalman

This publication of this article purposefully coincided with two other pieces penned by the same author. Both are worth your time and energy.

The Most Marvelous Theorem in MathematicsJournal of Online Mathematics and its Applications, April 2008.  

An Elementary Proof of Marden's Theorem.  American Mathematical Monthly, Volume 115, Number 4, April 2008, pp 330 - 338.

September 2007
Taking Sudoko Seriously by Laura Taalman

This article had many wonderful puzzle variations on Sudoku (Figures 9-14). The solutions are  available.  
April 2007
Just in case you weren't sure, YES this is an April Fool's Issue.

Mathematical Enquirer (Volume 1 Issue 0, April 1, 2007)
One piece prompted the following response:
Doron  Zeilberger's Opinion 80: Shalosh B. Ekhad's Reply to the Math Horizons "April Fools" Spoof Where It Was Extensively Quoted (or Rather Misquoted)  

November 2006
Number Theory Crossword Puzzle by Thomas P. Dence and Jenise A. Smalley
The puzzle is currently available. Solutions are finally available.
September 2006
Pentominoko by Laura Taalman. Solution available.

Hidden Word Crossword and Contest by Laura Taalman.
T-shirts go to David Goldsmith, faculty member at the College of Saint Rose, David Rhee, student at McNally High School, Ross Brater, undergraduate at Ohio Wesleyan University, and Lola Thompson, undergraduate at University of Chicago for submitting the correct answer and a number closest to the randomly selected number 83. The original crossword and its solution are available.
April 2006
Self-answering Question Contest---Winning entries from September 2005 contest. Plus the Mathematica code to verify entry by Tupper and Wagon and even more self-answering questions for your enjoyment.
February 2006

Links to some of our artistic authors. 

George Hart


Robert Bosch

 Domino Art

Thomas Hull

 Origami Mathematics

Larry Lesser


Gwen Fisher

 Beaded Beads

Hidden Word Crossword and Contest by Laura Taalman.
Submit your solution for fabulous prizes by April 15, 2006.

November 2005
A (Mostly) Differential Equations Crossword Puzzle by Thomas Dence, Jenise Smalley, and Kenneth Gasser
The puzzle and solution are available.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the online Math Horizons survey. Special congratulations go to senior mathematics major Brian Worthen from Bryan, Texas. He was randomly selected from all the participants to receive five free MAA books!

September 2005
Mathematical Inversions---Winning entries from November 2004 contest.

Liars and Truthtellers: Learning Logic from Raymond Smullyan by Robert L. Holliday
Additional puzzles and solutions for your enjoyment. 

The Virginia Tech Regional Math Contest by Peter A. Linnell
The question from a previous VTRMC and its solution are available.

Self-answering Question Contest by Chris Hill
Submit your entry (both question and answer!)

April 2005

Playing with Matches by Eric Libicki
Questions and answers available.

February 2005 
A reader response to Stuart Boersma's article A Mathematician's Look at Foucault's Pendulum. It gives a simpler geometric derivation of the same result and would be suitable for discussion in an undergraduate or even high school math class. The result is one of those delightful "AHA!"s that make mathematics so much fun.

A Comment on Stuart Boersma's article "A Mathematician's Look at Foucault's Pendulum" by Greg Johnson (posted June 2005)

Self-Referential Aptitude Test by Jim Propp  
Questions and answers available.

September 2004
Biography of a Contest Problem by Steven Dunbar & Kevin Hankin
Solution to regular n-pointed star problem.
April 2004
Analysis Word Search  by Thomas Dence, Ken Gasser, Jenn Meyer, & Jenise Smalley
The puzzle and solutions are available.
November 2002
A reader response to The Devil is in the Culture by sarah-maria belcastro with Aaron Howard. It gives a different perspective on Enzensberger's The Number Devil and provides some insight on the original German.

"Personal Refections on The Number Devil" by Angie Thuy-Anh Mai (posted June 2005)

November 2000
The Final Exam: World Wide Web Treasure Huntsolutions and winners!
April 1999
The Final Exam: Pi Mnemonics  — winning entry!
February 1999
The Final Exam: Who Said It?solutions.


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