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Math Horizons Sample Articles

Fighting an Epidemic with an Epidemic by Evelyn J. Lamb (April 2019)

Improving the Efficiency Gap by Jeffrey T. Barton (September 2018)

Abstracting the Rubik's Cube by Roice Nelson (April 2018)

Mathematical Epidemiology Goes to College by Meredith Greer and Ella Livesay (February 2018)

The Paintball Party by James Propp (November 2017)

The Bingo Paradox by Arthur Benjamin, Joseph Kisenwether, and Ben Weiss (September 2017)

Data for Good: Tracking Trillion Dollar-Problems by Tim Chartier (April 2017)

Hidden Figures Light Up Screen: Black Women Who Helped America Win the Space Race by Jenna D. Carpenter (February 2017)

The Geometry of Adding Up Votes by Michael A. Jones and Jennifer Wilson (September 2016)

Network of Thrones by Andrew Beveridge and Jie Shan (April 2016)

A Pi Day of the Century Every Year By Cornelia A. Van Cott (February 2016)

How to Make a Torus By Laszlo C. Bardos (November 2015)

A Conversation with Timothy Gowers by David Richeson (September 2015)

The Intersection Game by Burkard Polster (April 2015)

Epic Math Battles: Counting vs. Matching by Jennifer Quinn (February 2015)

Dürer: Disguise, Distance, Disagreements, and Diagonals! by Annalisa Crannell, Marc Frantz, and Fumiko Futamura (November 2014)

Applied Mathematics at the Ballpark: The Life of One Sabermetrician by Ben Baumer (September 2014)

Fly with the Wind by Julie Barnes, Tom Koehler, and Beth Schaubroeck (April 2014) 

A Conversation with Steven Strogatz by Patrick Honner (February 2014)

Monte Carlo Methods in Climate Science by John C. Baez and David Tweed (November 2013)

Pi on Trial and Other Prime Suspects by Tommy Ratliff (September 2013)

The Mathematics of Measuring Self-Delusion by Kristopher Tapp (April 2013)

The Mathematics Behind xkcd: A Conversation with Randall Munroe by Laura Taalman (September 2012)

Mathematics Meets Photography by David Swart and Bruce Torrence (September 2011)

A Knight's Tour de Force by Adam Berliner (April 2011)

Math and the Arts: A Mandelbrot Sunset (pdf) by Mehrdad Garousi (February 2011)