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Math Horizons - November 2005

Content Teasers for November 2005

Transcendentals and Early Birds
Martin Gardner

Pieces of π and other treats from 0.1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16….
A Dozen Questions about: Triangular Numbers
James Tanton

Mathematical morsels from 1+2+3+4+5+6+…+ n.
A Conversation with the Klein Four
Moshe Cohen

Meet the singing sensations that brought you “Finite Simple Group (of Order Two)”
1000 Years of Math Bowl at Layfayette College
Gary Gordon and Liz McMahon

How to run (or get others to run ) a fun mathletic event at your school.

Organizational Profile: Young Mathematicians Network
David Kung and John Vano

Advice and resources for mathematicians in the early stages of their careers.

In Search of Talented Teachers
Irwin Kra

Math for America trains inspirational teachers. Could you be next?
The Mathematical Contest in Modelling: An Inside View
William P. Fox

Teams are given one weekend to solve an applied mathematics problem.
Creating and Publishing an Undergraduate Math Paper
Tram Hoang and Roger Lautzenheiser

Insights from the perspective of an undergraduate author and a journal editor.
FoxTrot Brings Mathematics to the Comics Page
Amy Ksir and Russell Goodman

If Jason Fox is such a math wiz, how come he has been in fifth grade for the last fifteen years? We have a conversation with Bill Amend, the cartoonist behind FoxTrot.
The Gangs of New Math
Robert W. Vallin

How a fictional mathematical bar that used to be “open” became “closed” for good.
REU Spotlight: Williams College—The SMALL Program
Jennifer Novak and Eric Schoenfeld
Book Reviews
Michael Flake, Rebecca Russ, and Jacob McMillen

Students review Misteaks, An Imaginary Tale, and Winning Ways.
A (Mostly) Differential Equations Crossword Puzzle
Thomas Dence, Jenise Smalley, and Kenneth Gasser

Puzzle and solution are available for you here.
Problem Section
Andy Liu