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MAA: Math Horizons --- Solution to Feb. 2006 Contest

Hidden Word Crossword and CONTEST SOLUTION
Laura Taalman
James Madison University

Laura Taalman displayed the crossword puzzle pictured here with instructions: “Embedded in this puzzle is a secret ten-letter word; the letters of the word are somehow indicated by the clues marked with asterisks (although the hidden word can actually be seen without answering any of the clues).”

The answers to the starred clues were: True, Pi, Nine, MIN, One, OSia, and Eleven, where we have capitalized as many letters as the number of asterisks in its clue. Rearranging the capitalized letters reveals the hidden word: PENTOMINOS. But this can be seen just by looking at the black squares of the puzzle. Twenty-three correct answers were submitted.

T-shirts go to David Goldsmith, faculty member at the College of Saint Rose, David Rhee, student at McNally High School, Ross Brater, undergraduate at Ohio Wesleyan University, and Lola Thompson, undergraduate at University of Chicago for submitting the correct answer and a number closest to the randomly selected number 83.

Last updated 28 August 2006