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Wolfram Demonstrations Project: School Mathematics

Wolfram Research

We give a review of one sample appplication in the "School Mathematics" category of the Wolfram Demonstrations Project. The reader interested in browsing the hundreds of additional resources on the site should go to See the "About" note below to learn more and to download the free Mathematica Player needed to run these programs.

Equation of a Line Game

Sergio Hannibal Mejía
Yokohama Int'l School

This is a mathematical activity designed to help students practice finding the equation of a line in slope-intercept form. It is designed to work well with interactive boards as a classroom activity.   (Click the image below to go to the site


About the Wolfram Demonstrations Project (from the website)...

The Wolfram Demonstrations Project was conceived by Stephen Wolfram as a way to bring computational exploration to the widest possible audience. With hundreds of interactive, open-code Demonstrations--created solely in Mathematica by users from around the world--The Wolfram Demonstrations Project brings to life ideas in math, science, and many other areas, from elementary education to front-line research. All Demonstrations, and their code, are provided free of charge and run on any computer with Mathematica 6 or the free Mathematica Player.

Wolfram Research, "Wolfram Demonstrations Project: School Mathematics," Convergence (May 2008)