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Truth Table Applet

O. William McClung

O. William McClung

Nebraska Wesleyan University

This straightforward Java applet parses statements from propositional logic and displays their truth tables in a format consistent with most discrete math texts. Several exercises are given on the site to illustrate ways this tool might be used in a classroom.


It's part of a just-started library to be used in a standard Discrete Math course. The library references a specific Discrete Math text, but could be used with any standard text. It's intended to be a supplement to a standard Discrete Math course given to freshman and sophomore Math and Computer Science majors.


Browsers: Should work with a generic browser

Plugins: Java


Bill McClung: This applet generates truth tables and comes with exercises. It's written in Java 2/Swing and runs on Win98 IE6/Java Plugin 1.4.1, Win98 Netscape 7/Java Plugin 1.4.1, and Linux Netscape 7/Java Plugin 1.4.1. Although not tested, it should run under any browser with Java Plugin 1.4.1.

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O. William McClung, "Truth Table Applet," Convergence (March 2009)